Democratic district attorney candidate finds support on the right

Verona Swanigan speaks to reporters in front of the Federal Courthouse in August 2014.  (Photo by Mike De Sisti, Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel)

Verona Swanigan, a Democratic candidate for Milwaukee County district attorney, has received personal support from right-wing political activists and has appealed to Republican voters in her bid to unseat current District Attorney John Chisholm, also a Democrat.

A number of speculative pieces have been written by local media tying Swanigan to Eric O’Keefe, director of the Wisconsin Club for Growth, and Craig Peterson, a local political operative with well-documented ties to O’Keefe and a growing interest in local politics. O’Keefe and his organization are key players in an ongoing battle over a secret John Doe investigation launched by Chisholm in 2012.

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Demonstration turns tense after incident with police

A demonstration of support for Black youth at Milwaukee’s Sherman Park quickly turned into a confrontation between law enforcement officers and community members after an African-American teen was taken into custody by Milwaukee police.

The incident, which occurred shortly after 8 p.m. Thursday night, involved a Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Deputy and two Milwaukee Police Department (MPD) officers approaching a group of teens who were playing music through a speaker and dancing near the Sherman Park playground just south of West Burleigh Street. There were about 80 people present, including state and local elected officials and individuals from the City of Milwaukee Office of Violence Prevention. A number of law enforcement vehicles and clusters of officers had surrounded the area occupied by the group, even before the incident occurred.

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