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People on the Street | Charles Revello (Part 2)

As a child, Charles Revello struggled to find a community, somewhere he could belong. Eventually, he found was he was looking for; despite some recent setbacks, Charles longs to return home. Watch: Part 1 of Charles’ story. Watch: Part 3 of Charles’ story. See more videos from Milwaukee Stories, Inc. Did you find value in this story? If so, please sign up to receive periodic updates. We need your help! Milwaukee Stories is a nonprofit organization that brings you the real stories of regular people. This work is supported by small, individual monthly contributions from people just like you. [donate]

“I love my mom to death”

Terry Ellis walks down W. Kilbourn Ave. across from Norris Park in Milwaukee’s Marquette neighborhood on a still-chilly spring day, hood on, collar up. His breath cuts through the cold air as he struts, hands in his pockets, down the empty sidewalk. Ellis was born in Milwaukee and grew up on the north side near 25th and Capitol. “I had a good childhood,” he says but, then, qualifies. “I mean, pretty typical, you know, for any child — particularly an African-American child — in the inner city. Had good times, bad times.”