“If I could write a book”

Calvin Young saunters down the steps of a porch near 37th and Roberts in Washington Park. The 55-year-old, distinguished by his fully grey, mid-length beard and two-tone skin color, walks into the empty, sunlit street to ask for a dollar or two.

“I’m trying to change my life around. [The] only thing, right now, is I’m just an alcoholic — that’s it, that’s all,” says Young, who admits he was once addicted to crack cocaine, as well.

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“I wanna have a nice house and a family”

Caprice Jones crosses 27th Street, coming home from school on a Wednesday afternoon.

The 13-year-old Jones has lived in the Franklin Heights neighborhood near 27th and Concordia all his life. He says he’s had a lot of great experiences, but some not-so-good ones too. “I’ve made a lot of friends,” says Jones. “The bad, I got jumped…the other day”

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