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#WeWillWin as long as we support one another

Brooklyn sits in a wheelchair, behind a fold-out table, to welcome volunteers to the Bernie Sanders Dubuque field office the weekend before the Iowa Caucuses, the first leg of the Democratic nomination process. Buses and caravans of volunteers are coming in from all over the Midwest — Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois, Indiana and even Ohio — and not one of them gets by without Brooklyn kindly asking “sign in please, don’t forget to sign in.” Brooklyn came to Dubuque in October after being seriously injured in a home invasion, landing at a Dubuque shelter not far from where we are standing. After a few interactions with Bernie folks, Brooklyn found her way into the campaign office. It was the efforts of staffers to reach out on a human level, Brooklyn said, and the kindness they showed that influenced her decision to stay. Since December she’s been a mainstay at the campaign headquarters. “I was crying for about thirty minutes this morning,” Brooklyn said Thursday morning, over the phone. “I don’t want all our hard work to …

“My mission is to bring the love back to the city”

Corey Kirkwood unlocks the door to Reformation Church of Holiness on a Saturday afternoon. The building, located on 21st and Chambers, is empty today but Kirkwood, who is a youth minister there, says Pastor Henry Kilpatrick allows him to use the space for meetings. “He’s a very community-based person. A lot of people know him — he used to be a city bus driver for 30 years. He helps his community out in this area very well.” Kirkwood, who graduated from Bay View High School, has been involved in community work his entire adult life working, first, as a teacher at Malcolm X Academy, then as a drill sergeant at Right Step Boot Camp Military School and, later, as a disciplinary administrator at Texas Bufkin Christian Academy.

Crowd rallies at Red Arrow Park, marches for Dontre Hamilton, justice

Tuesday, a crowd of about 100 people gathered at Red Arrow Park downtown to remember Dontre Hamilton, the 31-year-old man who was shot 14 times by a Milwaukee police officer in April. Hamilton’s family was also in attendance. The rally, held on the five-month anniversary of Hamilton’s death, was organized as a remembrance as well as a call-to-action for city and state officials, who have failed to make a charging decision regarding the case or to release a report by the Wisconsin Division of Criminal Investigation, which was completed more than a month ago, while awaiting the results of another, independent, investigation.