“I’m a better person today”

Art Brown walks down the middle of a trash-strewn alley south of Locust Street between 17th and 16th Streets. Brown just came from the corner store on Locust; with concern and disapproval in his voice, he gives a warning to the young men hanging around the spot.

“If I come up in the store, you don’t know me, how you wanna ask me do I wanna buy some weed or some drugs? What the fuck wrong with you?” he says. “You don’t know if I’m the police; you don’t even know me! You know, you’re puttin’ your future in the justice department — that’s where your future gonna be at.”

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“We’re trying to find what happened to the positive”

Erika Harvey and Precious Taylor have been neighbors for about a year on the 5600 block of N. 61st Street on Milwaukee’s northwest side.

Both grew up on Milwaukee’s near-west side and said the experience wasn’t necessarily easy. “You had your hard days but then you had your good days,” says Harvey.

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“I’m struggling right now; I’m still happy”

Terrence Hinton walks along the edge of a pond in Dineen Park, his family relaxing on the opposite bank.

Hinton grew up near 36th and Clarke. He says even though the neighborhood was “pretty rough” he still loves it – it’s his – but, sometimes, it’s nice to get away. “You know, [it was a] poor neighborhood. But there always be something good still, like these parks. That’s why they’re so good – cause you can get away from all of that. You go to a park, it’s something different – you can breathe.”

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