“The world spins on me”

David Ramage sits at a bus stop on the east side of North Port Washington Road in Gover Heights. Ramage, whose long, white beard and hair tangle in his hat and coat, is a registered sex offender.

Ramage was born down South but came to Milwaukee in 2000. “It’s … like they say: come on vacation, leave on probation,” he says. “I’ve just lost ten and a half years of my life in prison.”

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“I tend to be kind of detached”

Eric Jefferson walks down a lonely stretch of North Richards Street, just south of Capitol Drive, in Williamsburg Heights. The ends of his untucked, short-sleeved collared button-up flutter in the wind on a warm September day.

“My mother … she moved here, I was probably one or two when she moved here because her father, my grandfather, lived here and he was a minister,” says Jefferson. “She moved here to get better jobs.”

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