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“December 20th, that will be it for me”

Bessie Jeter leisurely drags on a cigarette while standing on the porch of her longtime home on the 3700 block of North 2nd Street. She wasn’t born in Milwaukee but she’s been here for more than forty years. “I was born in Mound Bayou, Mississippi,” she says. “It wasn’t bad. I grew up, I learned how to work hard, I picked and chopped cotton until I was 18 years of age and I left home when I graduated from high school.”

“My family are my children and my grandchildren”

Kimberly Gibson walks down Sherman Boulevard, opposite Pilgrim Rest Baptist Church, with her grandson before attending Jazz in the Park. Gibson, who grew up in Detroit and lived in Houston and Atlanta, came to Milwaukee because her mother, “Brenda” as she refers to her, was sick. Gibson didn’t want to come but she did what she had to. “I don’t consider her my mother. Her son wouldn’t come so I uprooted my children and came here.”