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“God gives you a creativity”

Bashir Malik walks down the sidewalk at Bay View Bash, backpack on, art in hand, to meet some friends at a vendor tent. Malik grew up in a part of Milwaukee you might not be as familiar with, these days. “Before the expressway was here, I was on Lloyd and 9th,” he says. “Now, the expressway goes right through there.”

“It’s all in what you appreciate, I suppose”

Barbara Gerow meanders past the wading pool at Humboldt Park coaxing her dog, Pokey, to keep up. Gerow, who is 75 and has been in her house – originally her great-grandfather’s – on Burrell Street for 51 years, supports herself with a walker as she talks. “The whole area, especially where my grandmother and grandfather’s house was, was Orchard Park. And I don’t know when it got changed to Bay View but it was interesting, you know?”

“I was born in this house”

Robert Kebschull works on the yard of the house where he grew up in Milwaukee’s Bay View neighborhood. The 63-year-old Kebschull said he decided to re-do the home he’s lived in off-and-on for 40 years after his parents passed away around 2007. “I’ve been working on it, doing a lot of stuff inside, outside… we’ll see what happens when I retire – whether I stay here or whether I move on.”