Riverworks-led Harambee NID flouts own accountability requirements at annual meeting

2 thoughts on “Riverworks-led Harambee NID flouts own accountability requirements at annual meeting”

  1. The Nid does not have its own website or facebook page and this is very misleading and deprivation of information. Also the meeting notes also need publication. Also, where do citizens call for the end and transparency as invitations are misleading, nonexistent, and hidden.

  2. notices are not sent to residents period. residents and others cannot participate if notices are not mailed, announced or sent. Communication and following bylaws and mission is not completed and to allow the NID to not redo this meeting with greater notice to all residents is taxation without representation and breaks the many laws set in place. The requirement of securing additional funds has been denied area in total and the NID appears to exist for a select group of individuals. The requirements to apply for repairs in terms of income and then secure additional funding opens the doors loss of homes and forced foreclosures, etc.

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