MacCanon Brown Homeless Sanctuary builds community in 53206

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  1. Good afternoon Carol. In answer to your question, no, MacCanon did not name the organization after herself. After weeks of discussion, (some in the presence of legal counsel and might I add, against the wishes or MacCanon), the original board of directors of the organization voted to name it, the MacCanon Brown Homeless Sanctuary. There were several arguments for the name and only MacCanon’s personal argument against it.  Her argument was noted and she was asked to accept the decision of the board. A couple of points in support of the name included:
    1.The organization needed a recognizable name so people would know the reputation of the leadership and what services to expect under that leadership. This organization is not a new beginning but a continuation of MacCanon’s life work.
    2.The organization needed a name that represented responsible stewardship that inspired the trust of supporters as well as those in need of the services offered by the organization.  This organization was/is a continuation of services started by MacCanon and other like-minded citizens over 20 years ago. She brings to the table the 20+ years of experience gained during that time of service to the homeless citizens of Milwaukee. 
    3.A reputable Washington DC expert on homelessness described her as having ‘street cred’. She has proven her comfort in board rooms sharing information with the ones who have, and on the streets that people in need are forced to call home and have not.
    4.You’ve heard it asked, “What’s in a name?” In this case, the experience/expertise of a life dedicated toward helping to improve the lives of those that Christian scripture in Matthew 25 talks about. The organization has progressed to this point because of her name. That’s what’s in the name – the MacCanon Brown Homeless Sanctuary. 
    5.She does this work daily and tirelessly. Many who know her lovingly call her ‘The Energizer Bunny’ because she doesn’t seem to tire and seldom takes a break from doing this work. There is no name more fitting than hers to embody the mission of this organization. I hope this answers your question.
    Written by Dorothy James, Co-Founder and Emeritus Board member of MBHS

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