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Black Love Matters marches for an end to violence

Black Love Matters, a community task force associated with the Safe Zones initiative, marched down Lisbon Avenue with about 40 residents of Washington Park on Saturday. The march was part of a “20 weeks, 20 blocks” campaign to raise awareness of black-on-black violence with the goal of “[eradicating] violence in the Black Community.”

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  1. bookie says

    We need to start by making peace with ourselves, we are not black, our skin is brownish in color, our inside is the same as any other color human beings. Older generation should encourage the new generation to fit in to a normal society , a formal society. Parents should forget their past or whatever suffering they have faced and seek for ways to train there children to be responsible citizens. Let’s start with our mentality and gradually it will translate into the society.😊

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