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“I’ve gotten a job and I still go to school and everything”

Lexus Rosete-Degro sits on the corner of 13th and Burnham tending a food cart.

The 14-year-old grew up around 20th and Lincoln on Milwaukee’s south side. She says, at times, it’s been difficult for her and her family. “You have to fight for your life and work hard,” said Rosete-Degro. “My parents and my family, they’ve all had a hard life and I, basically, try my best every day to help them out.”

That’s why Rosete-Degro, who makes straight A’s at St. Anthony’s, also works and helps out with her little brother who’s two years younger. “They always tell me to be a good role-model,” she said. “I sit down, do his homework with him, help him out.”

As for St. Anthony’s, she says school can be demanding but doesn’t mind because it’s preparing for the real world. “It’s real strict but I actually like the point that they’re strict cause, in your future, you know, everything’s not going to be easy.”

But, in spite of this realization, Rosete-Degro doesn’t take a “me or them” approach – she wants to help people. Because of this, one of the professions she’s considered is a career with the FBI. Why? “It takes a lot of math and a lot of being strong and helping out others,” said Rosete-Degro.

As for right now, she’s just focused on doing well in school. What’s she looking forward to? “Finishing high school, going to college, getting a really good job.”


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