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“My friends mean a lot to me”

Steven Feih grew up in Brewer’s Hill and Bay View in a small family – it was just his mom, his dad and himself. “Being an only kid, you know, your dog’s your best friend, your imagination’s your second-best friend.”

Though Feih isn’t what you would call a loner he has a complicated relationship with people, stemming from 20 years working as a bartender. “You see it all – you know what people are going to say before they say it,” he said.

In fact, Feih says it was the people that were both the best and worst part of the job. “It just wears on you like anything,” he said. “It was a good day when I retired.”

Now, he’s running his own bicycle courier service. What’s that like? “It’s controlled chaos, I guess,” says Feih as he explains they do everything from bank deposits to food delivery.

But, for Feih, it’s really all about the people. “Both my parents are really personable people and really down-to-earth and, just, real, you know,” he said. “It’s about the relationships you build…I try to be really honest and genuine…and it pays off, it really does, if you’re just honest with people.”

“I don’t have a lot of acquaintances but I definitely have a lot of friends.”


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