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“There’s more work here”

Yolanda Mora lives in Milwaukee with her two daughters but that wasn’t always the case – she grew up in Michoacán, Mexico.

What’s her favorite thing about her home country? “Oh, it’s beautiful…I like the people, there’s a lot of water, a lot of trees.”

Mora says that the people in both Michoacán and Milwaukee are the same but there are more jobs here. “It’s hard, right…in Mexico, the people have no money and, here, there’s a little more money,” she said.

“I like my work,” says Mora, who works at Qdoba. Her favorite part about the job? “The people, the customers,” she said, “the conversation and everything; nice, nice people.”

But, even though she enjoys her work, Mora and her girls, who are fourteen and eleven and both play instruments, look forward to the weekend because, as opposed to the hustle and bustle of Monday morning, that’s when they get to spend time together, as a family. “Friday is a beautiful day,” she said.


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